Wine heritage and
cultural tourism

Combine the three sectors of Tourism, Winegrowing and Culture to attract a wide range of visitors to a more human and responsible way of discovering the region, involving local players and populations.


Mireval Marseillan

In line with the desire for multicultural sharing and exchanges, and with a view to twinning, the Iter Vitis France association has approached Croatia, the region of Istria and the town of Buje, winner of the 2018 European Iter Vitis Awards competition.

More broadly, this meeting will make it possible to carry out or promote any operation that can create a dynamic of actions for the development of various sectors: economic, cultural, institutional, educational, environmental, etc.

Raisin Muscat

Promoting terroirs through images

“Les chemins de la vigne” an audiovisual fresco of the winegrowing cultural landscape

Production of a web series retracing the history of the vineyards in images, to promote the wine-growing regions to new audiences.



Winegrowing cultural heritage and its integration into the tourism dynamic

How can we bring this heritage to life and make it more attractive?
Is wine tourism the answer to the visitor-consumer quest?
What new horizons can we imagine?

Cahors, France