Since our inception, our commitment to wine heritage has given rise to a series of unique and exciting programs.

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Thank you Vitis

REMCI Vitis   is the first   European Network of Museums and Vine and Wine Interpretation Centers

This thematic route will bring together all the museums and interpretation centers and interpretation centers that can provide a better understanding cultural heritage from antiquity to the present day.


iter vitis awards

The Iter Vitis network encourages you to stand out from the crowd and renew and improve your wine tourism offering.

In order to reward local initiatives, the association “Iter Vitis, les Chemins de la vigne en Europe”, is launching a European prize which aims to reveal and support innovative and structuring actions that promote the terroir. This distinction highlights the vineyard’s heritage in each member country.

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wine tourism for all

The Iter Vitis France association takes part in a European cooperation program between Spain, France and the United Kingdom, aimed at developing tools for wine tourismmediation to adapt to the needs of all, especially the disabled.



A European collaboration, the In Vino Expertise program brings together 5 countries: Spain, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia and France.

The main idea is to improve the mobility and training of citizens around the wine tourism sector.

This improvement will enhance their employability thanks to their knowledge of the wine tourism sector from a cultural and heritage perspective.

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