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In Vino Expertise

A European collaboration, the In Vino Expertise program brings together 5 countries: Spain, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia and France.

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The main idea is to improve the mobility and training of citizens around the wine tourism sector.

This improvement will enhance their employability thanks to their knowledge of the wine tourism sector from a cultural and heritage perspective.

In Vino Expertise is an innovative strategic partnership in the field of adult education selected under the Erasmus+ program.

The project supports the training of jobseekers, people undergoing professional retraining, and enthusiasts wanting to work in the wine tourism sector in wine-growing regions.

Using a transnational approach, this program promotes the European cultural heritage of wine and vineyards.

The 6 partners involved in this 24-month collaboration come from 5 different countries:

France, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain.

Strengthening European Wine Tourism through Training and Connection

The objectives of the project are to:

  • Carry out two studies (focus group and survey) in which jobseekers and companies can express their needs and expectations.
  • Create a training program between 6 different partners located in relevant wine-growing regions, to meet the expectations of companies.
  • Build a free platform, a national and European network to facilitate contact between public and private entities active in wine tourism and jobseekers or enthusiasts looking for a career change.

Actions implemented and expected results :

  1. In Vino Expertise is a set of courses (training) based on a non-formal/informal methodology that provides citizens with basic knowledge about wine tourism. This course is designed to bring European citizens closer to the Mediterranean cultural heritage of wine.
  2. In Vino Network is an online community centered on the wine tourism sector, with a space for training and information on wine, a space for job offers at European level linked to the wine tourism sector, and a space where citizens can create their own profile and apply directly to registered companies.
  3. In Vino Intense-Cours is an intensive 5-day training course for European trainers, involving professionals and educators. At the end, an In Vino Expert-Course certificate will be issued.
    In Vino Event, where the project’s achievements will be presented and wine tourism industry professionals will be able to familiarize themselves with the project’s results.

The European platform for courses and information on wine tourism-related professional activities.

A network to promote employment in Europe

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