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iter vitis

Iter Vitis France, promotes the values and concept of the Council of Europe’s “Cultural Itinerary” at national level. Iter Vitis, the paths of the vine “.

A cultural objective

Promoting local heritage and identity

A tourism objective

By meeting the growing expectations of tourists seeking information about our heritage and a diversified wine and culture offering

An economic objective

By networking national and European destinations to encourage collective action and support local economic development


Council of Europe

Iter Vitis recognized

The Cultural Itinerary Iter Vitis, the Paths of the Vine “certified by the Council of Europe, is to bring to everyone’s attention the European history of vines and wine, from the past to the present, and to promote the importance of wine. the winegrowing cultural landscape made up of a wealth of natural, tangible and intangible elements. This wine heritage is a cultural heritage that must be preserved; its diversity reveals European identity across geographical boundaries and generations.

Iter Vitis France

The actions

While the preservation and enhancement of winegrowing heritage are at the heart of the association’s missions, they cannot be dissociated from a sustainable economic development approach involving the promotion of cultural tourism accessible to all.


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