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An exceptional territory, a wine culture.

Between wine tourism, remembrance tourism and nature tourism, the Marne department appeals to a wide public thanks to the diversity of its offer.
The Marne is above all… champagne.

Synonymous with celebration and luxury, champagne has been making our region famous around the world for centuries. This sparkling wine, carefully crafted in our terroirs by over 300 champagne houses and 16,000 winemakers, attracts tourists from all over the world every year. A wide range of wine tourism activities cater to the needs of visitors who come to discover the secrets of this precious nectar.

Culture and wine are intimately linked in Champagne.

From the stained glass windows of Reims Cathedral to the bold architecture of the Avenue de Champagne and the work of contemporary artist Jeff Koons, the “king of wines and wine of kings” has forged close links with art, combining innovation and expertise, just like the work of its winemakers.

6 Unesco World Heritage sites also make this region a cultural Mecca.

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The Avenue de Champagne is a network of over 110 km of underground cellars belonging to some of the most prestigious champagne houses, all intertwined to store some 200 million bottles, including the prestigious Dom Pérignon cuvée! This avenue is a privileged witness to Champagne’s winegrowing heritage.

A small village nestled between vineyards and forest overlooking Epernay, Hautvillers is known as the cradle of Champagne. Dom Pérignon was cellarer here and is buried in the village abbey. 120 wrought-iron signs related to the Champagne trade line the visitor’s route.