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Enodestino is the first receptive travel agency in Aragon, dedicated completely to the creation of eno-gastronomic trips. From Barbastro, the principal wine town and capital of the Somontano region, it operates in all the principal wine making regions of the country.

Specialists in activities related with the world of wine, it offers a wide variety of innovative experience products tailor made where gastronomy, local made produce and wine become the main focal point and reason of the trip.

Created by the love of wine and this land, Enodestino offers original and detailed activities such as customised tastings for business groups of friends, tastings at home, walks through the vineyards, winery visits and courses in wine tasting for hotels and restaurants.

Offer Accessible Wine Tourism

The activities, trips, tours and experiences can be adapted to the special needs of the client.

They also manage the organisation of trips, and coordination of lodging and establishments involved in the program.

  • Visits to the Accessible Somontano wineries with a language guide.
  • Wine tasting in Sensorial workshops for people with visual disabilities. In these workshops they use music, aromatic essences, food produce….
  • Activities explaining the vineyard and the Somontano. They make stop in strategic points of the Somontano where you can admire the landscape without mobility requirement.
  • Children Routes: “the small Sommelier”. This activity for children of all ages includes elements to stimulate the senses and environmental awareness.

Stay Offer

In process of creation…

Link and contact

Enodestino. Agencia de Viajes
Paseo del coso nº21 Oficina 3 22300 Barbastro
Telf 974 316 342

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