Our partners come from the sectors of tourism, culture or wine-production. They share values on exchanges, promoting know-how, vineyards and also the people who live there. Meetings and sharing of knowledge enable the discovery of the culture of wine in all its richness.


Our founder members speak:


The National Network of Departmental Destinations (Rn2D), which brings together Departmental Tourism Councils (CDTs) and Agencies for Tourist Development and Reservation (ADRTs), is a lively platform for sharing concrete experiences and exchanging know-how between members. Each departmental structure benefits from the operational strength of a national network.

Rn2D and its members are, today, increasingly involved in the wine tourism sector which enables the development of areas into tourist destinations. Close to the land and wine tourism operators, our structures are there to animate the territories. Our philosophy is “Decide and act together”. For this reason, it seemed obvious that we should commit to the history of the Iter Vitis France association from the outset, sharing our network’s aim of bringing together players in tourism and wine to create dynamism at the heart of tourist and cultural destinations.


logo-vigneron-independantIndependent Winemakers of France

The independent wine-maker cultivates his vines, produces and sells his wine himself. This is the vision of the profession of wine-maker defended by the Vignerons Indépendants de France (Independent winemakers of France). A professional syndicate and collective brand, they advocate independent wine-growing, enriched by the diversity of their land, climate and know-how of the men and women who are its members.

These are the values which encouraged the organisation to become involved in the Iter Vitis France association, in order to “reaffirm the cultural and landscape identity of vineyards, creating a tourism dynamic around their promotion, appreciation and conservation”. The Independent Winemakers and Iter Vitis France share a philosophy of wine tourism based on the human dimension.


Département du Tarn

Hôtel du Département –
Lices Georges Pompidou
81 013 Albi Cedex 9


CAUE Midi-PyrénéesCAUE Midi-Pyrénées

5 avenue Frizac
31400 Toulouse


IFV VInopoleIFV Sud Ouest – V’Innopôle

BP 22 – Brames-Aïgues
81310 Lisle-sur-Tarn



Mission de l’Inventaire Midi-Pyrénées

(Alice De la Taille, conservateur du patrimoine, chercheur à l’Inventaire)


Université Champollion Albi ( Thibault Courcelle )

Université Bordeaux-Montaigne ( Raphaël Schirmer )

Université de Bourgogne, Chaire UNESCO “Culture et Traditions du Vin” ( Olivier Jacquet )

Université de Limoges ( Eric Rouvellac)

EM Business School Strasbourg ( Herbert Casteran)

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