Iter Vitis France

Spreading knowledge and understanding of the wine- producing landscape to better appreciate the territory.

The aim of the Iter Vitis France Association is to bring together and assist wine tourism destinations with the goal of creating dynamism around their promotion, improvement and preservation. Twinning and exchanges between French wine-producing territories will reinforce the actions carried out within the various appellations.

Iter vitis is a tool for sustainable development.

At a time when tourist consumption is growing, it is essential that it is well thought-out, guiding the consumer in search of a fulfilling experience. Iter Vitis, a concept that promotes the wine-producing landscape whilst respecting the principles of sustainable tourism.

Wine tourism has a new attractiveness, connected with natural and cultural heritage.

Faced with the multitude of commonplace routes du vin, members of the network wished to create a framework that promotes the know-how, vineyards and the people who work there, rather than simply the finished product.

The Iter Vitis France partners invite you to discover the wine-producing lands.

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