In a few words

Five territories are symbolic of wine production in Galice: Monterrei, O Ribeiro, Rias Baixas, Ribeira Sacra, and Valdeorras.

Wine was introduced to Galice by the Romans. Ancient former pavements and ruins of mines bear witness to their passage. But it was in the medieval period, with the arrival of religious orders, that the culture of the vine assumed a great importance for the territory.

Surprising landscapes

These territories developed a myriad different landscapes. In the O Ribeiro and Ribeira Sacra region, vines are cultivated on pronounced slopes which are arranged into terraces known as socalcos or bocarribeiras.

Whilst each of the wine-producing territories in Galice has its own identity, each has a similar taste for the preservation of savoir-faire and, in particular, native grape varieties such as Dona Blanca or Godello

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