Muscadet Loire Océan

In a few words

Since Roman times, the Loire-Atlantique has never failed in its wine-making tradition. Today, it is known as the birthplace of the famous Muscadet. Between freshwater and saltwater, its landscape varies from one bank to the other, between the hillsides of Ancenis, the valley of Clisson and the banks of lake Grand-Lieu.

Between influences of Burgundy and Italy

Since the development of the vine in the Middle Ages, the Loire countryside evolved continuously, closely linked to wine-making activity. From smallholdings, typical little low houses, to the prestigious mansions of wine estates with Italian touches, the architecture bears witness to the impact of vines on the territory.

The monoculture of Melon de Bourgogne, the symbolic Muscadet variety, also shaped the countryside. Its veined, serrated leaves sprinkle the barely layered hillsides and unfold on the plateaux and valleys in a “continuous fuzz”. You can see forever into this horizon, populated by vines and studded with habitat.

Recognised heritage

  • Countryside of the Loire hills

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