In a few words

The Gard emerges through a spectrum of landscapes whose white chalk earths, red-tinted gravels and pebbles provide dazzling colours. From the Rhône Valley, passing through the Camargue, to the foothills of the Cévennes, vines provide a backdrop thanks to the meticulous work of man.

Crocodile, tiara and canal of the Midi

The Costières in Nîmes are among the oldest vineyards in France. Imported by the Greeks, vines developed thanks to the Romans, specifically veteran legionnaires returned from Egypt, who gave the area their emblem, the crocodile and the palm tree.

In the Middle Ages, monks took over. The Popes of Avignon, enthusiasts of wine from the region, took part in the rise of the vineyard.

In the XVIIth century, the construction of the canal of the Midi restructured the landscape and revolutionised irrigation of vines and wine production.

Carte de la France Iter Vitis

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