In a few words

From Angoulême to Rochefort, along the river Charente, the territory of Cognac, with its gentle elevations of plains and hills, is rich in savoir-faire. From distillation and blending in Cognac, to cooperage to Verallia, each stage is elevated to an art form.

Little accidents of history

Nothing that makes up the great adventure of Cognac would have happened without the River Charente which enables barrels to be transported from Cognac to the ocean before loading them onto vessels bound for northern Europe.

It was the Dutch who, at the beginning of the XVIIth century, invented the ingenious principle of distillation. They “burned” wine in distilleries to better conserve it and obtain “Brandwijn” (which gave the word brandy). Whilst, in the beginning, it was intended to be a long drink mixed with water, one someone noticed that the beverage improved with age as it travelled in its oak barrels. Thus, almost by chance, cognac was born

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