Abbey wines

In a few words

The Association of Abbey Wines aims to promote Abbey wines by enhancing their historical, cultural and wine-making heritage and inviting discovery of wine sites within a unique landscape. The Association brings together private owners exploiting vineyards of principally Cistercian origin.

Medieval heritage

Since the Middle Ages, religious orders have participated in creating the landscapes that we know today. They marked their territory with the organisation of the space around their domains and their infrastructures. Thus, vines and Abbeys are a part of this heritage which we have inherited.

Whilst today’s vineyards are mostly of Cistercian origin, the Cistercians were not the only order to have cultivated vines. The Benedictines, before them, preserved the know-how and the vines passed on to them by the Romans, and the Carthusian order was also at the origin of numerous prestigious vineyards.

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